Research Project Digital Outputs

Collected Works of Allan Ramsay – AHRC project hosted by the University of Glasgow, compiling a multi-volume edition of Ramsay’s poetic works, and also other outputs on the cultural and intellectual life of 18th century Scotland.  Interactive resources on enlightenment Edinburgh, and frequent blog updates from researchers Brianna Robertson-Kirkland and Craig Lamont give insights into progress and findings.

Editing Robert Burns for the 21st Century – hosted by the University of Glasgow, Principal investigator Prof Kirsteen McCue, including song recordings, discussion of sources, and historically informed performance contexts

Historical Music of Scotland database – hosted by the University of Glasgow, currently has two sections of violin/fiddle material.  One contains digital scans of printed violin music dating from before 1850 from the University of Glasgow and Perth’s A K Bell Library (lead researchers Dr David McGuinness and Dr Karen McAulay).  The other is a catalogue of violin tunes in manuscripts from before 1750 (lead researcher Dr Aaron McGregor).

James Scott Skinner – site dedicated to this famous NE Scottish fiddler, funded by National Lottery and prepared in partnership by the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire and Angus Councils

Scottish Concertina, The – doctoral research by Stuart Eydnmann, within a larger site dedicated to different aspects of this instrument in various different national contexts (not just Scottish)

Scottish Song Archive – hosted by the National Library of Scotland

Scots Language Centre – portal to a wide range of Scots language song resources

Sowneoforgan – blog and directory of surviving historic organs in Scotland; technical and historic overviews, and invitation to contribute to further surveys.  Supporting by Scotland’s Churches Trust and the University of St Andrews.

Whalsay’s Heritage of Song: traditional music from the Shetland Isles, curated by the School of Scottish Studies Archives at the University of Edinburgh.  Recordings made by Dr Peter Cooke in 1969-1984, with biographical notes about the singers, information about the songs, and lyrics.

Wode Psalter Projectthe Wode psalter part-books contain post-Reformation settings of psalms and other sacred music, created in St Andrews. This AHRC-funded project (2008-2011) was led from the University of Edinburgh, principal investigator Jane Dawson, and includes images, pdf scores and recordings.

Understanding Scotland Musically – project leader Dr Simon McKerrell – AHRC Early Career funding to investigate how contemporaryu traditional music is used in the construction of Scottish identity.  Focus more on contemporary performance and media than strictly historical, but considers ongoing ‘tradition’

Wemyss Cave Auralisation Project – investigation into the acoustic archaelogy of the Wemyss caves in Fife, led by Nick Green, Universit of the Highlands and Islands (Perth)