Scottish Music Sources: the digital forest

Within Scotland itself, the holdings of the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh and (particularly for 20th and 21st century compositional activity) of the Scottish Music Centre in Glasgow are obvious first points of call for researchers.  The archives of higher education institutions – particularly those with strong track records in music research – are also evident treasure-troves, with a variety of particular specialisms which are flagged on their institutional pages.

For the benefit of students and new researchers, we will try to provide top-level links to these resources.

However, in addition to these core historical holdings, many modern research projects have also undertaken to curate interesting online sites which open up and document historical musical activity.  There are increasingly many of these – all fascinating – widely scattered across the nation’s internet servers.  We hope to be able to build a resource map to these research outputs, to promote their use in teaching and in stimulating further research activity.

Please use the comment box to tell us about research sites you have found useful!

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